Percy’s Family: 2

Theobald family

George and Mary Ann Theobald and their children, 1902

George and Mary Ann are in the centre of the photograph, with baby Elsie on her mother’s lap. Immediately in front of their mother are the two youngest boys, Bert smiling (centre) and Percy (frowning) far right. Percy was ten.  To the left of Bert  is Winifred, whose death in a fire later in 1902 deeply affected Percy.

Ted, the third son and the first to go to Canada, turned twenty-one the year this photograph was taken. He is the handsome, rather serious fellow in the middle of the back row, his hand on his father’s shoulder. Will, far left, was two years older than Percy.

These names will appear again.

Mary Ann had borne twelve children: Lily died at fifteen months in 1895, ten months before Will’s birth.

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