Early Training 1

Title page 55th battery history

One source of information for Percy’s experience is the volume whose titlepage is shown left.  Dedicated to “Our Fallen Comrades,” it is not surprisingly a volume which minimizes the worse parts of the battery’s experience, and commemorates the “much good that can be brought forth” from evil. It names, in particular, “the cheerful unselfishness … in time of danger; the true valuation of a man as a man, and not as Grit or Tory, Presbyterian or Methodist.”  “These are things,” it goes on to say, “we may well carry on into our civilian life.”(1)

Of the worse aspects of its history, the book says only that “war itself is abhorent [sic] to all of us, and army life to most.”(1)

The History states that “the batteries from which our three sections were later made up were the 48th, a Toronto battery of the old 12th Brigade, the 55th, a Guelph unit, and the 56th, which was called the ‘O.A.C.’ [Ontario Agricultural College] Battery, and which was recruited mostly from students of that college and their friends.”(2)

While the original 55th and the 56th trained in Guelph, the 48th trained in Toronto where it had been raised.

(1) D.C. MacArthur. History of the 55th Battery, CFA. 1919.Foreword, n.p.
(2) D.C. MacArthur. History of the 55th Battery, CFA. 1919.2

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