News of the 48th

TitleToronto’s newspaper reported on the raising of the the 48th Battery, which had begun on January 26, 1916. On the day Percy enlisted, under the heading “Battery Doing Well” it reported as follows:

The 48th Battery, which is being raised by Major E.K. Richardson, has made rapid progress in recruiting, 80 men being on parade on Saturday. Major Richardson will have over one hundred men to-day, and will probably complete his unit before the end of the week. This battery offers perhaps the last chance for men desiring to enlist in a Toronto artillery unit, and application should be made at once to the Armories. (1)

Less than ten days later, the Battery was pronounced more than complete:

The normal strength of a battery is 141, but the 48th will be kept up to a strength of 193, so that there will be sufficient trained men to draw upon for the next Ammunition Column, which, it is expected, will be authorized almost immediately. Major Richardson only started to raise the 48th Battery on January 26, and had it completed in about a week’s time.(2)

funeral 1916 02 09
The same issue reported that the new Battery had played a role in a sad task, its gun carriage being used to carry the flag-draped coffin of Private Harry Lancaster, who had been a patient at the Toronto Convalescent Hospital after being returned from France in November 1915.(3)

(1) The Globe (1844-1936).  January 31, 1916. 6 The Globe (1844-1936). Archive available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
(2) The Globe (1844-1936).  February 9, 1916.8
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