Uniform Notes: 2


“Two long rolls of cloth some three inches wide, to be wound around the legs from boot tops to below the knees. It took long and painful training to acquaint [the recruit] with the proper system of applying these attachments. Some never did learn.” (1)

Puttees gave ankle support (though the exact degree of tightness might be difficult to gauge) and were intended to keep debris out of the ankle boots. And they had the advantage of being much cheaper than tall leather boots.

putteesThe quotation above describes puttees as worn by foot soldiers, wrapped upward from the ankle. Percy’s puttees are wrapped downward, as befitted mounted troops (2)– a more subtle sign than his spurs.





(1) Clements, R.N. Merry Hell: The Story of the 25th Battalion (NS Regiment). Ed. Brian Douglas Tennyson. Toronto: U of T P,  2013. 9

(2) http://www.canadiansoldiers.com/uniforms/boots.htm

Copyright 2016. See “About this project.”



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