48th Battery, CEF

Battery_Panorama 2

If we look more at the unit than at the individuals, we notice other things.

MajorThe officers, of course, are at the centre of the picture. It is not easy to read their sleeve insignia, but the man at the centre with the three bars on his cuffs is presumably Major E.K. Richardson. To his left and right are lieutenants; they all wear high boots and most carry a riding crop.  I count ten sergeants and staff sergeants (many of them with their right arms pushed forward a little to show their chevrons) flanking the lieutenants. I cannot find a captain — perhaps he was ill that day?

The lad sitting on the ground in front of the major is a trumpeter. There are three of them in the front row, with their trumpets catching the light on the ground, close to their right hands. quartermaster

An appropriately beefy fellow between the lieutenants and the sergeants to the major’s right is a quartermaster of some sort. He too carries a crop, but he wears puttees. His cap has earflaps.

In the rows of men standing behind the first row the single and double chevrons of bombardiers and corporals are occasionally visible. At each end of the front row are seated the signallers, clearly identifiable by their flags. The four in the centre of the group below seem to have been enjoying a joke not shared by the ones on the end.



The panorama photograph of the 48th Battery, Canadian Expeditionary Force, was taken March 20, 1916 at the Exhibition Camp, Toronto, by the Panoramic Company, 239 Victoria Street, Toronto.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”

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