Janie, meanwhile?

Busy, no doubt, with her sister Claire and brother-in-law George. The Boones had come to Joliette in 1908 or 1909, we surmise, since their first daughter Grace had been born in New Brunswick in May 1908, and their second daughter Alice in Quebec in January 1910. At the time of the 1911 census they lived in a maison d’appartements on the rue Baby. George, locomotive foreman for the “chemin de fer”, had earned $960 the previous year, and had life insurance worth $1000. By 1916, two more daughters (Charlotte and Ruth) had been born, at two-year intervals, and in March Claire was just pregnant with her fifth child.

In contact, no doubt, with Percy’s brother Ted, his wife Alice, and their two daughters, Elsie (born 1910) and Alice (1915) — a total of three Alices among Janie’s Joliette acquaintance.

Wondering, no doubt, what the future would bring.Fry's ad Mtl Star 1914 10 23 001

Meanwhile, we know she kept drawing, idealized figures copied from magazines and newspaper advertisements. Why else would she have kept this advertisement for Fry’s cocoa? From the fragments of news articles on the page from which the ad was torn, we can date the newspaper to October 23, 1914, and from the “Special to –” notes in the sports news on the back, we infer that the newspaper was the Montreal Star.

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