Janie — drawing 2

George T and Claire recognized Janie’s interest in drawing, but they were rather more practical folks. And generous. They paid for Janie to enrol in a correspondence course in draughtsmanship, that is the making of technical drawings to scale.

drafting using compasses
How far she went with these studies we do not know. She acquired — and kept for years — a velvet-lined box of basic tools. She probably enjoyed the lessons on lettering, though her penmanship was already extremely good. To look at yesterday’s drawing, she might have drawn the lady’s nose after a lesson using triangles.

The International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania ICSwas probably the source of Janie’s course: it was extremely well known and proclaimed that more students graduated from its programs in 1916 than “from any other institution of learning in the United States.”(1) Courses ranged in cost depending on their length and complexity: in 1906, architecture cost $110; surveying and mapping, $38.70. Fees could be paid in instalments.(2)

(1) Image from I.C.S. Reference Library:A  series of textbooks prepared for the students of the International Correspondence Schools and containing in permanent form the instruction papers, examination questions, and keys used in their various courses.Vol. 5: Geometric Drawing, Freehand Drawing etc. 1904. 8
(2) James D. Watkinson. “‘Education for Success’: The International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania.” The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 120.4 (1996): 350.

The form requesting further information comes from Popular Mechanics, March 1917. 77

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