April 16, 1915

Faversham, that centre of gunpowder manufacture, had some fear of attack during the war – and indeed, today is the anniversary of one, fortunately, the only one. It took place on April 16, 1915.Incendiary bombs were dropped by a Germany army aircraft, but a souvenir postcard declares there were no casualties, apart from a single blackbird.


In addition to the gunpowder mills, the presence of Pollock’s shipyards madeNational Reserves at Faversham Faversham nervous. James Pollock, Sons and Company was founded in 1875 (1) in the nearby Isle of Sheppey, and opened another yard – at the request of the Admiralty, we are told – right on Faversham Creek.(2) The creek was so narrow that Pollock’s ships were launched sideways, and a launch was an occasion for all the townspeople.

(1) Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History
(2) BBC Kent
Sources of the first postcard and the second.


Copyright 2016. See “About this project.”



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