Ladies’ Home Journal 2

To a feminist a hundred years later, the page on the reverse of the editorial by Gerald Mygatt is just as interesting.

Under the heading “When Your Boy is Eighteen,” we learn that “a boy passes through many mental and physical phases during his adolescent period that are as a closed book to his mother.”  And that “If she expects to extract any happiness from life she must learn firmly the lesson that every adult male is one-third baby, one-third boy and one-third man. One never knows just which phase of the mixture will be uppermost.”

Another heading asks “How Many of the Four Million will Vote?”

Four million women will have the privilege to vote for a President of the United states this year. How large a proportion of this total will exercise the privilege remains, of course, to be seen. … Will women be more conscientious about exercising their privilege than men, who are notoriously remiss? Some revealing results will come from women’s votes this year.”

Some advice (as provided in a third item) is timeless:

“A Motto for Every Home”

“No Nagging” is a motto that should hang in every home where there are children. Discords are inevitable in homes and the authority of the parents must be exercised to correct them.  Failings must be corrected: disapproval must be expressed. But there should be no room for nagging: no ‘hang-overs’ in the way of dwelling on past grievances. There is never anything to be gained by going over and over the same ground.

Ladies’ Home Journal April 1916. 12.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”

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