“A most notable parade”

Calder  Petawawa on parade pc.July12.1916.1This undated, rather stiff, scene of gunners “On Parade, Camp Petawawa, Ottawa River in the distance” (1) contrasts sharply with the Globe‘s description:

“Led by the Artillery Cadets, and accompanied by the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Band, the division marched past, then cantered, and later performed the thrilling exercise of passing the saluting base at full gallop. Horses stretched to the limit, drawing 18-pounders over rough grounds, men shouting, made an inspiriting sight.” (2)

duke of connaught still nfb 3
The “Canadian Guns” film from the National Film Board shows the guns and limbers passing the Duke of Connaught at a more sedate pace, and faint in the background more troops and horses waiting for their turn to pass the reviewers. “Drawn up in brigade formation, away on the horizon, the batteries resembled little cliques of men and horses,” wrote the Globe‘s correspondent of the scene on June 27th.
He concluded, “The Duke of Connaught, who also is an old artilleryman, described the performance as ‘brilliant.’ This corps is made up very largely of Toronto and Ontario men.”

The 60th Battery, we are told,  was “honourably mentioned, [its] grey teams … drawing flattering comments from both the Duke and the Duchess.” (3)

(1) Postcard, sent by William Calder to his father, July 12, 1916.Available from the Canadian Letters and Images Project.
(2) The Globe (1844-1936). June 28, 1916. 4. Archive available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
(3) 60th C.F.A. Battery Book, 1916-1919.[1919]. 16.


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