Praise and Advice from the G-G

Later on June 27th, the Duke of Connaught had an opportunity to speak to the officers at Camp Petawawa.

Connaught a creditable performance

“‘While undergoing your arduous training, you have little time for the ceremonial,’ declared the Governor-General, in addressing the officers later. ‘Under these circumstances more particularly I want to personally congratulate you gentlemen, and your men through you, on your soldierly performance today. You have only been together a few days, yet, as a division, you work as one. It augurs well for your conduct under sterner and more trying circumstances. Your devoted interest in your duties is a credit to the division. Your brothers in arms in Flanders have maintained and enhanced the reputation of the Imperial Dominion Artillery. It is a branch of the service that has always upheld its traditions, even against the awful odds pitted against them by the most modern German artillery. Be true to yourselves and your country, and your country will be proud of you.’” (1)

Connaught cheer

Connaught Consideration

“‘Be kind and considerate to your men. I know sufficient of the Canadian spirit of independence, and realize that men, while submitting themselves to military discipline, do not consider themselves inferior to their officers, and you by kind and subtle consideration can get the utmost out of them, as well as their good conduct and good-will.'”

“At the conclusion of the parade, the Royal party left by their special train for the west, where they will continue their tour of inspection.” (1)

(1) The Globe (1844-1936). June 28, 1916. 4. Archive available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers.

The photograph is of the Duke leading three cheers for the King in Vernon, BC, in 1916. Presumably Vernon was one of the destination on their tour of inspection in the west.The image comes from a website devoted to the Duke of Connaught.

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