Five thousand men

1916 07 01 headline

The Globe‘s Dominion Day issue carried a long report on Camp Petawawa.


“Canada’s great artillery school this year is at Petawawa. Men and youths of all ranks, and of all stations of life who have elected to serve their country in the big ordnance departments of the Canadian Expeditionary Force have been sent from all artillery depots in the Dominion to this camp for complete training – a training that is something new in the development of an active service army Heretofore it has been the practice to train individual batteries at depots for early transference overseas where the syllabus is complete and more effectual. As a result of lessons learned at the front of the complete dependence upon artillery preparations for offensive measures by the infantry, the artillery is trained en masse, because in Europe, should a big advance take place[,] the artillery would have to work in greater bodies than even brigades, in order to make any pronounced impression upon the modern German ordanances [sic].” (1)

7 First 18 pdr Petawawa

First 18 pdr Petawawa (from Percy’s small album)

(1) The Globe (1844-1936). July 1, 1916. 12 Archive available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers.


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