Bronzed warriors

11d AWCO D Sub crop“The majority of the men who compose this division are those who were held back from earlier enlistment by strong business and professional ties, as well as those who were held to their lectures in the colleges. The most of them had not lived the outdoor life and did not, in the main, possess the muscle and brawn demanded of an artilleryman, but today, after so short a training, there are to be seen throughout the camp as fine samples of hefty manhood as are seen anywhere. Bronzed warriors who sit in a saddle with the best of them, who gallop fearlessly across the plains, drawing their heavy guns behind them. Morning, afternoon and evening they work unceasingly, all with the end in view of an early selection for transshipment to France, where they have signified their intentions of doing and dieing, if need be, for the cause for which Canada and the Empire is fighting.”

8a Our tent

(1) The Globe (1844-1936). July 1, 1916. 12. Archive available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers.

The photographs are from Percy’s large album.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”

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