Field Artillery Training: Rifle exercises 3

Before anything else happens in rifle or musketry training, Field Artillery Training Manual insists that “recruits … are to be taught the names of the different parts of the rifle.” (1) Twenty-six years later, Henry Reed published a “poem from the forces” in the New Statesman: beeblossom_cutout

Naming of Parts

(1) Field Artillery Training. HMSO. 1914.44
(2) “Naming of Parts” by Henry Reed. New Statesman and Nation. XXIV:598. 92.

Chaenomeles_japonica_2The image of a bee in an almond blossom comes from the Almond Board of Australia. “Japonica” is a descriptor for many species, but in Britain commonly refers to a kind of flowering quince.The image right is by Łukasz Szczurowski from


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3 thoughts on “Field Artillery Training: Rifle exercises 3

  1. One of my favourite war poems; thank you for reminding me of it. But: “whose use you will see,” . . . that “of” shouldn’t be there. It wasn’t there in the original — or was it? If so, It was corrected in later editions.


      • That should be amazing, but it’s not really: takes me back to grad school and participating in the Melville Project, where we discovered the most egregious errors in original editions. Difficult to imagine how that one got there — it sure wasn’t a computer error, eh?


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