Field Artillery Training: Visual Training 2

Rapid Training of Recruits: A Practical Scheme provides officers with rough-and-ready methods of instruction (1):Rapid training snip.JPG

The clock-face method may be becoming outdated in these days of digital clocks, but locates an object in relation to the observer, according to the position of numbers of a clock-face. Thus twelve-o’clock is dead ahead; three-o’clock to the right, and nine-o’clock to the left.

“Utilize anything that cames [sic] to hand,” the manual commands. If troops appear, the men are given thirty seconds to watch and count them. (1) The Field Service Pocket Book tells us the number of troops that can pass a particular point in a minute:

counting troops field service pocket book page 71.JPG

(1) Campbell, M.V. Rapid Training of Recruits: A Practical Scheme. New York,  1917. 77. Though the American publication of an American author (Campbell is described as  “Late Lieutenant, US Marines”), it refers to the British Field Service Pocket Book.
(2) Field Service Pocket Book. HMSO. 1914. 71.

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