Field Artillery Training: Observation 2


Observation vol 2 page 20 no caption

Observation (2)

“The men who prove themselves most proficient in these exercises should be further instructed in the use of the telescope and field glasses When ground is available, a military aspect should be given to the training as much as possible. For instance, a number of objects such as dummies, kneeling and lying behind rocks, hats or helmets resting on stones or bushes, horses or dummies standing against a dark background, and dummies’ heads on the sky line may be arranged on some position the distance of which from the selected point of observation will depend on the atmospheric conditions.

“The class is then taken out by the instructor, the battery telescope on the tripod set up, each man looks through it, identifies as many objects as he can, and writes them down. When a certain amount of proficiency has been attained in this way the tripod should be dispensed with and the men taught to use the telescope kneeling or prone, making use of any improvised rest that may be available.” (1)

The battery telescope is, of course, a telescope belonging to the battery. It is useful for precise sighting, but field glasses (binoculars) are better for scouting, as they have a wider field of view.

(1) Field Artillery Training. HMSO. 1914.384-385
(2) Bairnsfather, Bruce. More Fragments from France. Vol 2. nd. 20. Its caption reads: “‘Ave a squint through these ‘ere, Bill; you can see one of the —’s eatin’ a sausage as clear as anythin’.”

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