Amherst, Nova Scotia

post card of Petawawa sent from Amherst Aug 1916
When Percy arrived safely in Amherst a hundred years ago today, one of his first actions was to pull out an old postcard from Petawawa and write to Janie.

“D.J. Monday noon.”

  • The Amherst postmark is barely visible, but the Joliette one says it arrived on August 29th.

“Shall write you a letter as soon as poss – guess you rec’d my P.C. from Montreal.”

  • Apparently, and not surprisingly, Percy had beaten his own post card to Joliette, sending it on a Sunday morning as he was leaving Montreal. Even if Janie had gone to her post office box on a Sunday, she wouldn’t havereceived advance notice of his arrival.

“Pretty good trip though lots of rain – how are you feeling now in the pink I hope”

  • Percy doesn’t much bother with punctuation at the end of sentences, though he is careful to use periods in his abbreviations. Usually he relies on a capital letter to indicate the beginning of a new thought or sentence.

“Passed through some parts of N.B. & thought them pretty Au Revoir Am feeling good. Px”

  • Percy had never been to New Brunswick, where Janie had been born and brought up. His railway route would have taken him down the eastern coast of the province, and so quite far from York County in the south west. Even now that scenery is mostly trees, and the description of unbroken conifer forests in the rain as “pretty” is rather kind.
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