Witley Camp 3

The historian of the 60th Battery continued:

“The huts themselves were uniform in design, of timber construction on brick foundations, and the Camp had proper systems of water supply and drainage, with all other necessaries for the comfort and convenience of the occupants. Good paved roads ran between the huts of the various units, and large parade grounds were laid out in the lines.” (1)

33 Old Parade Ground Witley

“Old Parade Ground, Witley” From Percy’s small album

Bertie appreciated the sanitary arrangements: “The beds at Whitley [sic] Camp are about 6 inches off the floor on stands which makes it very healthy, and very unlike Winnipeg , where we slept right on the floor, over a sewer, almost. We have glass windows and electric lights and lavatories etc. under latest improvements.”(2)

Witley Camp was still no resort:

Lots of tiny Little Huts are dotted here and there,
For those who have to live inside I’ve offered many a prayer.
Inside the Huts there’s Rats as bi as any Nanny Goat:
One night a soldier saw one trying on his overcoat. (3)


(1) 60th C.F.A. Battery Book, 1916-1919. [1919]. 20
(2) Cox Bertram Howard. Letter to his mother, September 23, 2916.Available from the Canadian Letters and Images Project. That last phrase is a little odd; “under” may be an error in transcription.
(3) Silk, W. “Witley: A Humorous Recitation.” Printed and sold by Eatons, Witley Camp.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”

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