Saturday, September 30, 1916

The Canadians arrived at Witley a week ago, and quickly found out that “in this country the soldiers have Saturday afternoon and Sunday off, which was a nice surprise for us.” (1)

Godalming seems to have been a favourite destination “to spend some money” (2) and some leisure time on a Saturday afternoon.


Godalming, Charterhouse from Frith Hill (3)

“This afternoon I went down to Godalming to spend some money. Godalming is an old town and there is a church there which was erected in the 11th Century. Then there is the famous Charterhouse [school] which ranks with Eton’s [sic].” (2)

Another soldier reported that everything was very expensive in Godalming: “they just soak it to the Canadains [sic], But we should worry.” (4)


Something else took place on Saturday:

“Had a bath today. In fact we all had to. It was an order.” (5)

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(3) The postcard is available from the Canadian Letters and Images Project.
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(5) Wills, Archie. Diary. September 3: 52. September 30, 1916.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”

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