Route Marches

Still waiting for equipment and horses, and their ranks depleted by the landing leaves taken by half their number, the gunners spent much of their time in route marches. On October 4, Archie Wills reported that they had marched to Wormley, Hydestile, and Hambledon. A march through these three locations was probably a loop that took them about 8 1/2 miles  (13.7 km) south and east from the camp.

There was sustenance along the way, and not just from packed lunches:

“We got into an orchard before our officer noticed and filled our pockets with apples. There are huge quantities of black berries in the hedges and every so often we halted and got a chance to wade into them.” (1)

“We have a good time on these marches, singing, cheering and once in awhile [sic] win a smile from the fair maidens.” (2)


(1) Wills, Archie. Diary. 4: 53-54. October 4, 1916. Archie Wills Fonds, University of Victoria Archives. Copyright 2007, University of Victoria.
(2) Wills, Archie. Diary. 4: 53. October 3, 1916.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”

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