Mulish virtues

“Often and often,” says Galtrey, the mule “has done what the horse has failed to do. He has survived and outlasted him, and maybe, has shown his perversity by apparent enjoyment of the awful din of battles, the deep mud and piercing cold of France.” (1)

Frise mules in mud.jpg

As long as he is “given his liquid refreshment and his humbler rations it takes a lot to put a mule out of action.” (2)
(1) Galtrey, Sidney. The Horse and the War. Illustrated by Lionel Edwards. London and Chicago: 1918.43.
(2) Galtrey. 44

The drawing by James Frise is from Kay, Hugh, George Magee and F.A.MacLennan. Battery Action! The Story of the 43rd Battery CFA. Toronto: [1919]. 120.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”


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