I.A.Y.W. M.H.


Janie sent Percy a photograph, dated October 25, 1916, writing on the back the inscription pictured. Written very small, diagonally in the very bottom corner,  are the letters above, followed by a very faint “I love you.” Readers of Percy’s War will be able to interpret the initials: “I Am Your Wife. My Husband.”


The picture which was the medium to convey such devotion was a photograph that included Janie in a Theobald family group. Her presence surely signalled their acceptance of her as Percy’s young woman.

Janie October 25 1916.jpg
Janie is second from the right in the back row, standing next to Percy’s brother Ted, who is holding his eighteen-month old daughter Alice, and smoking one of the cigarettes that would eventually kill him. The other people in the back row are Bill Hughes on the left, holding his second son, and Daisy Hughes on the far right. Bill and Daisy had immigrated to Canada at the same time as Ted, and Bill too worked for the railway. In the front row are the elder Hughes son on the left, Elsie, Ted’s elder daughter, about six and a half (she was always tall), and on the far right, Ted’s wife Alice. The rather Pre-Raphaelite madonna in the centre is unidentified.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”

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