The right way and the wrong way

“There is the wrong and the right way of leading a mule to water or to any place where his presence may be required. The man who looks at the mule while he tugs at his head cannot appreciate the animal’s unwillingness to move along with him. ‘Don’t look at ‘im,’ shouts the NCO, ‘ ‘e doesn’t like yer face.’ And the recruit, feeling rather hurt, turns away to hide his blushes. The mule at once moves after him. The ridiculous creature will not be pulled at. He is a sure winner at that game, just the same as when he wants to go east and the man on the rope lead wants him to go west. Both go east until the man adopts new methods.”(1)


It is hardly any wonder the artillerymen — gunners and drivers alike — thought mules more fitted for ammunition columns than for battery work.

(1) Galtrey, Sidney. The Horse and the War. Illustrated by Lionel Edwards. London and Chicago: 1918.46.

The illustration, by Lionel Edwards, is on page 47 in Galtrey’s book.

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