But not just smokes


“See what pleasure we take in tasting all the good things you send us.” (2)

A Request (1)

If you want to send a parcel,
Please enclose a little soap,
A toilet cake, a shaving stick,
And a bar to wash our clothes.
We’re looking now for lots of things
To you, so never fear;
Whate’er you send, my dearest friend,
It brings us health and cheer.

Please send us lots of candies.
Yes, chocolate by the score.
Enclose them in a tight tin box
And not as done before.
For pasteboard boxes are a farce,
They get so much abuse
In going through so many hands,
We, our little dainties lose.

So, please, just mind, that we are but men,
And often think of home
Yes, when this wretched war is o’er,
You’ll find we shall not roam.
For bully beef and whangs of cheese
With biscuits hard for bread,
With shell and bullets whizzing round,
We are now fully fed.

Tis true we need a lot of things,
We know you’ll do your best,
So fill the box up to the top,
And leave to us the rest.
We’ll do our best with what you send,
To spread the cheer around,
So fill the box from end to end,
And make our cheer abound.

(1) JWC. “A Request.”  in The Canadian Field Comforts Commission. Field Comforts. 3 (October 1916): 13.
(2) Allen, Tony. “Tommy’s Mail and the Army Post Office.” Picture Postcards from the Great War.

Copyright 2016. See “More about this project.”



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