Larkhill, January 10, 1917

Wednesday Weather good the gunners left today for Witley I’m left behind to look after my gun, its handed over to the 61st Feeling good

Some efficiency was being exercised, obviously. Gordon Brown, who is making the cross-country journey from Witley today with the 13th (his own) and the 15th Brigades confirms the arrangement: “The week before, the 14th & 16th [Percy’s] Bdes. had been here firing. They left their horses & guns here which we use.” (1)

Gordon told his mother what he thought of his new location: “1805jh_larkhill_winter14-15-fullerSalisbury Plain is a great camp but an awful mud hole. You probably remember reading of mud and cold the Canadians went thru in tents that first winter of the war. Many of them perished, I believe, and indeed now the Australians find it pretty hard even with excellent huts and accomodation [sic]. There are practically no Canadians here but Australians & Imperials. You can stand on the road outside the hut here and see myriads of lights twinkling from the huts on the hill over to the right.”(1)

(1) Brown, Robert Gordon. Letter to his mother, January 14, 1917. Available from the Canadian Letters and Images Project.

The photograph is one of many by T.L. Fuller; this one can be seen on the website about the life and military career of one John Henry Crompton, a Yorkshireman who homesteaded in Canada before enlisting in the Australian Imperial Force and dying in France on October 3, 1917. We have seen Fuller’s work before, in the post cards of Stonehenge Percy sent home on January 3, 1917, and also earlier in this blog.


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