Larkhill, January 14, 1917

Sunday   Wrote letters we are waiting for our mail

The front pages of Percy’s 1917 diary contain relatively few addresses for letter-writing, and many of them he must have had by heart, so writing them down was a formality.

addressesOn the first page for special engagements, because there is no section in the diary intended for addresses, he lists his English contacts: his mother, Mrs. G Theobald, 19 Cambridge Road, Faversham; his eldest brother Charles who lived at 30 King’s Road, Faversham with his wife Fanny, and a Mr. G. Wilkinson, of Trinity Villas, South Road, Faversham. On the next page of special engagements are his Canadian contacts: Janie first — he gives her New Brunswick postal address  of Lawrence Station, Charlotte County, rather than her Joliette postbox; the Rev. Mr. Hood, Post Office, Joliette; his brother Edward, whose PO Box 476 in Joliette was what Percy gave as his own home address; John Worsley, the brother-in-law of his Toronto landlord; and his younger brother Bert (or Bertie) who had enlisted with the RNAS (Royal Naval Air service) in August 1916. Though he, too, had emigrated to Canada, he returned to Britain in order to enlist. He was then twenty-two, but his grandson notes that he added two years to his age, modified his baptismal name from Bertie to the more formal Bertram, and changed his father’s name from George to William. (1) Some time in 1917 he was serving in France, for that is the address Percy has for him — No. 7 Squadron, France.

(1) Theobald, C. I. The Faversham Connection: A Theobald Family History. Privately published 2004. 65.

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