Witley, January 20, 1917

Saturday     Cleaning up our guns today am feeling good

The handbook for the 18 pounder has only a brief section on the “CARE AND PRESERVATION OF GUN AND FITTINGS,” and refers readers to a separate publication, Regulations for Magazines and Care of War Matériel for further instruction.


Handbook, Plate II

“The breech fittings, and also the guides on the jacket by means of which the gun slides in the cradle of the carriage, should be kept clean and oiled or greased, and maintained in good working order; all working surfaces must be well lubricated, the fittings being taken off sometimes for this purpose, especially after firing.

“Lubricating holes are prepared in the upperside of the the carrier to admit of the rear end of the breech screw in the carrier being oiled.

“The holes are closed against the ingress of dust by means of a brass plunger and spiral spring which must be pressed down by the spout of the oil can when lubricating.

“The breech should be kept covered up, when possible, to prevent dust and grit from getting into the interstices of the breech fittings, which might impede their easy working. A waterproof canvas cover is provided for the purpose.” (1)

I imagine that a certain amount of mud would have to be removed first.

(1) Handbook of the 18PR QF Gun. London: HMSO, 1913. 10-11.

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