Witley, March 6, 1917

Tuesday        Weather still changeable, we are just flogging away the time

“Cold and unsettled” were the words used by the Meteorological Office to describe the March weather, and the “seasonal increase in temperature which should be a somewhat marked feature of March was very slight.”(1)

ammunition-wagon-rear-elevationMeanwhile, the Divisional Artillery Column was being put through its paces: “all ranks will be tested in their knowledge of the packing & care of stores & ammunition etc. A complete Section of Guns & wagons has been handed over to the D.A.C. for training purposes.”

There was a great deal of knowledge to be tested. The chart below lists equipment carried on an ammunition wagon and where it was to be stowed. (3)

Ammunition wagon list.JPG


(1) Monthly Weather Report of the Meteorological Office, XXXIV (n.s.): 3 (March 1917). 1
(2) War Diary of the Fifth Canadian Divisional Artillery.Vol. 2 March 191: 2 (March 5, 1917).Library and Archives of Canada.
(3) Handbook of the 18-pr QF Gun. Land Service. 1915. 42. The image comes from the same source, facing page 25.

Copyright 2017. See “More about this project.”

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