Witley, April 5, 1917

Thursday     I got pulled up last night coming in from the gun park — for breaking quarantine – quarantine is some joke in No 1 diary there is a full account Slight headache yesterday

You have to wonder what he was doing in the gun park that was worth any penalty for breaking quarantine. It may have been sheer impatience with the whole quarantine system (“quarantine is some joke”) that provoked him. Or maybe a surreptitious drink was appealing to someone who had not been to town in a long time. He has been in quarantine since February 23rd — six weeks tomorrow. Perhaps that was the provocation.

Tommy's barometer CB postcard.JPGIf only Percy’s diary from 1916 had not been lost: somewhere in its blank pages is the full story. Meantime, we have to wonder what awaits the miscreant.

The image is of a “mechanical postcard”; a wheel on the back produces different facial expressions and appropriate explanations as it is turned.” Confined to Barracks” (C.B.) is a common punishment for minor offences, but quarantine breakers are already confined to barracks. The other views can be seen on the World War I postcard site we have visited before.




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