Witley, May 12, 1917

Saturday         The day broke clear turning dull & a light shower clearing off toward evening  General clean up today Theres very little to report am in the pink

Yesterday Percy mentioned the Russian news. Since March, there has been political turmoil in Russia, beginning with demonstrations, strikes and riots in Petrograd in early March. (This event is the “February Revolution,” dated according to the Julian calendar in use in Russia.) Consequently, Czar Nicholas II abdicates, and a provisional government is formed. It is threats against the stability of this government that are the subject of news reports just now.  Parliament meets in closed session earlier this week, and the “position in Russia”is one of the topics. (1)

1917 05 12 headline.JPGIn Canada, the Globe reprints an article from the Morning Post:

“While decent Russians are striving honorably to achieve political liberty by the civil methods of argument and persuasion, which, if sure, are necessarily slow, the extreme parties – Anarchists and Social Revolutionaries on the one hand, and the upholders of the old regime and agents provacateurs [sic], and, above all, the vast organized body of Germans – are using deadly weapons in the streets and lavishly expending money. … The time has come, opined the Morning Post, “for some united effort to be made to deal drastically with attempts to create dissension, which, if not checked, will lead inevitably to a crisis.” (2)

(1) The Globe (1844-1936). May11, 1917. 1 Archive available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
(2) The Globe. May 12, 1917. 1.

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