Witley, May 20, 1917

Sunday    Wet today Church parade this A.M. Ride this afternoon Milford Church this PM

This excursion also merited an extra entry.

ride may 20 1917_ annotated.jpg
This afternoon we went for a long ride 16 miles we started just after 1 P.M. and rode out the country to Bramly [Bramley] then rode through Cranley, Wormst [Wonersh] through Ulsted [Unstead] Park to Farncomb[e] & to Godalming[.] one would have to travel a long way to find such natural beauty as England possesses. The fruit trees were great & never have I seen them so full of blossom.  The country is just beautiful and all natural[.] it was a little dull so could not take any snaps. when we were about 2 miles from camp on our return it began to rain hard & so spoilt the afternoon.

unstead parkBoth Percy’s spelling and his directions are a bit shaky here: a sixteen-mile loop could not include Cranleigh, if that is what he meant by Cranley. His writing is very clear, but perhaps he simply got the names wrong: both a Norley Common and a Shamley Green are in the vicinity.

The map is the Sheet 170 (London SW) of the Ordnance Survey one-inch maps of England and Wales, published in 1945. It is available from the National Library of Scotland.

The image of Unsted Park — now a school for high-functioning autistic children — comes from its website.

Copyright 2017. See “More about this project.”



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