Witley, May 23, 1917

Wednesday    We got back to camp about 2 this morning & slept in till 6:30 Clearedup today  The weather is fair I rec’d a letter from Gert yesterday am in the pink

At the end of the diary, he adds:

23rd We got back into camp about 2 o’c this morning the night was starlight & the air smelt sweet and pure tinged with a faint smell of fruit blossom

Gert TheobaldGertrude, known always as Gert, is Percy’s eldest surviving sister, almost thirteen years his senior. Married to James Brisley, she has a daughter, Alice, who is by now eleven years old. According to the 1911 census, James was a labourer/rivetter, working in a dockyard. They lived in a two-bedroom terraced house at 60 Hartington S60 Hartington Street Chathamtreet in Chatham, Kent, about twenty miles west of Faversham. The picture at right shows the house in 2014.




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