Witley, June 2, 1917

Saturday          Weather fine & windy, week end clean up. Afternoon letter writing. Evening went to pictures Tomorrow going for a long walk and attend Hambledon E. [evening?] church Am in the pink  R’d letter from Mother

A_Poor_Little_Rich_GirlI wish Percy would tell us what he saw at the cinema. Recent American films included the comedies The Cure (Charlie Chaplin), The Butcher Boy (Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton), and Teddy at the Throttle (Gloria Swanson). Among Hollywood dramas were The Poor Little Rich Girl (Mary Pickford), One Law for Both, and Souls Triumphant (Lillian Gish) were recent offerings. British films offered Malvina Longfellow in For All Eternity (crime/drama) and Holy Orders, a comedy; Gerald DuMaurier was even busier, appearing in Everybody’s Business (drama), Justice (crime), and Masks and Faces (biopic). Details of these films are available, of course, at http://www.imdb.com.

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