Witley, June 16, 1917

Saturday          Busy cleaning up today heavens the sun was hot Wrote letters this afternoon I wrote Alf last night Did Berts turn tonight[.] I read in the cool of the Meteorological thermometer from Jan reporteve

The meteorological office report for June confirms that record-setting temperatures are continuing and that tomorrow will be worse, before a change can be expected. The official temperature in Surrey tomorrow will be 306a (a scale that seems to be unique to the Met Office), or about 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 C).(1)

Bert is Bert Livermore who has been Percy’s pal since before they enlisted together nearly seventeen months ago. Like Percy, Bert missed going to France with his old unit because of the quarantine for mumps. The extra time in Britain has led to a romance with a local girl, which may be why Percy is taking Bert’s duty on a Saturday night.

And Alf, we know, is receiving medical attention for wounds suffered in France.

(1) Monthly Weather Report of the Meteorological Office, XXXIV (n.s.): 6 (June 1917). 1


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