Witley, June 19, 1917

Tuesday         T’was a swell night last night heavy dew fell Was up this morning at 4:30 set off for action about 7:45. 2 [gun] positions closed & 1 open before dinner had lunch & started back about 1:30 had a light shower this am got back 3:30
While in Action Tues was inspected by Gen Fox Inspector of R.H.A. R.F.A.


bivouac breakfast

Hungry gunner (on bivouac): “What! No margarine today.”                          Cook — “Sorry there’s none. But would you like a Princess Royal or a few cream puffs instead?” (2)


The War Diary confirms that the Divisional Artillery is under the eye of the Inspector of the Royal Horse Artillery and the Royal Field Artillery. Today’s plan is for the 13th Brigade to carry out a “Moving Warfare” Scheme on Frensham & Hankley Commons. (1) Obviously the generals were looking forward to the end of the long period of war in which both sides were literally entrenched, and to the use of the field artillery in the mobile warfare for which it was intended. Today’s scheme calls for “four separate positions [to be] taken up in succession across about 6 miles of country affording every nature of maneouvre.” (1)

(1) War Diary of the Fifth Canadian Divisional Artillery. Vol. 5 (June 1917): 2. June 19, 1917. Library and Archives of Canada.
(2) The O.Pip. 1:3 (June 1917). 13. A “Princess Royal” is, I think, one of the various fancy biscuits made by Carr’s of Carlisle, after the biscuit manufacturer received its Royal Warrant in 1841. An enthusiastic article reprinted in the Farmer’s Magazine describes the Carr’s factory and the biscuit-making process, and announces that the proprietor is now “engaged in preparing biscuits intended for the Princess Royal – an honour and trust well merited.” (Second Series: 4, (July-December 1841): 187)

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