Witley, June 25, 1917

Monday         Weather good A little rain early this morning. Painted the gun today & wagon — Pay.day — Am writing letters to [Janie] & Mother expect to hear from Bert [Theobald]  Had a great walk yesterday out to Hascombe about 4 miles

june 30 training.JPG

This is the day’s plan according to the War Diary’s training syllabus.(1) It’s a twelve-hour day before they get to supper time.

Painting the guns and wagons was at least in part because the decision had been made to identify each vehicle with a new Divisional distinguishing mark:

1917 06 24 2.JPG

Five horizontal lines in white paint — simplicity itself. (2)


(1) Syllabus of Training 13th Brigade, Week ending July 30, 1917. Appendix III of War Diary of the Fifth Canadian Divisional Artillery. Vol. 5 (June 1917). Library and Archives of Canada.
(2) War Diary. Vol. 5 (June 1917): 3. June 24-30, 1917.


Copyright 2017. See “More about this project.”

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