Witley, July 2, 1917

Monday    Today took the train & went out to Woking 12 miles just to visit the place got back 10:55 pm 

Elsewhere on the page he wrote:

Mon 2nd all day holiday Visited Woking to pass the time had a good time

Yesterday was Dominion Day, but the holiday is today, and marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. In sunny Toronto, a great parade draws thousands of spectators: there is a march-past of men in uniform, and a fly-past of twelve aircraft, “a little cluster of silver discs, catching and throwing back again the bright rays of the sun.” Too far up for their engines to be heard, they fly “over the city like good angels on guard.” (1)

Three thousand children are among the crowds gathered at Exhibition Park to hear grand words. “We must maintain intact the great privileges and blessings of our time,” said Sir William Mortimer Clark, former lieutenant-governor of the province of Ontario. Other speakers invoked the “heroic souls” serving in France, for whom privileges and blessings were in short supply.  “Let us dedicate ourselves anew to the cause of liberty, for which so many of our gallant sons have died in the cause and in the service of humanity, so that justice and peace may be maintained in the world.” That was N.W. Rowell, the leader of the opposition in Ontario’s legislature. (1)

In France, the painter Frederick Varley asks, “For what?” (2)


(1) “Keep Power of the Federation,” The Globe (1844-1936).  July 3, 1917. 9. Archive available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
(2) Varley, Frederick. For What? 1917. Canadian War Museum, Beaverbrook Collection of War Art, CWM 19710261-0770.

Copyright 2017. See “More about this project.”



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