Witley, July 5, 1917

Thursday        Looked much like rain at daybreak but cleared & sun shone during the afternoon fixed up things well today Went to the pictures tonight they were good considering[.] I’m feeling great in health & spirits

The 14th Brigade returned from Petworth Park, the horses having greatly benefited from their ten days of grazing and exercise. (1) That’s not to say that there hadn’t been “wastage,” even in this period of respite. Archie shot one of the horses a few days ago, because its leg had been kicked and broken. He records that fact in his diary, immediately following upon the summary “Nothing startling today.” (2)

87 The Old Reliables cropThis photograph from Percy’s small album shows two individuals identified only as “The Old Reliables.” The hut behind them seems less substantial than the sleeping huts, and the chimneys suggest it may be a cookhouse. It has been whitewashed only partway — presumably in the frenzy of whitewashing that took place last month throughout the camp.

(1) War Diary of the Fifth Canadian Divisional Artillery. Vol. 6 (July 1917): 1 . Library and Archives of Canada.
(2) Wills, Archie. Diary. 4: 90. June 27, 1917. Archie Wills Fonds, University of Victoria Archives. Copyright 2007, University of Victoria.

Copyright 2017. See “More about this project.”



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