Witley, July 6, 1917

Friday        Great weather today very warm Rec’d a letter from [Janie] last night written [June] 17: rec’d one from Alice today written [June] 20 she informed me of [Janie’s] mother husbands death I was greatly surprised as J said nothing of it I’m feeling great[.] on duty “ce soir”

Annie Laurie Vail and William Hamilton crop
Janie’s father Aaron Hartt Libbey died when she was just a little girl, shortly after the birth of her only brother in 1901. Her mother’s second marriage to the younger William Hamilton may have been one of the reasons Janie was happy to go to Joliette to live with her married sister Claire.  Percy’s sister-in-law Alice had probably never met either William or Janie’s mother, but his death was news in the small Anglophone community in Joliette.

This photograph of Annie Laurie Vail Libbey Hamilton and her husband William is undated. By all accounts, Annie Laurie was a formidable woman; she holds her own in this photograph despite how much space he occupies in the frame — and his very handsome fur coat.

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