Cité St Pierre, September 18, 1917

Tuesday          The night passed with artillery activity on both sides. This am I went down into Bully Grenay for a bath we got back about 4:30 Fritz kept us ducking & diving all the way back he was shelling fairly heavy I have just finished work (12 midnight) reinforcing the office, the occupants are a bit yellow The weather remains good am in the pink [pencil]

lensmap bully grenay

“Fortunately for our sleep and comfort there was a division bath at La Brebis, some six kilometres in rear, where a clean change of clothing could be got and if the palm of the bath man (a Scottie, alas!) were oiled with silver a brand new set was forthcoming.  The bath was sometimes scalding hot and often freezing cold, and perhaps the trickle only lasted for two minutes – but for all that, it made life much better for us.  Bully-Grenay and La Brebis were well supplied with canteens, estaminets, and egg-and-chip emporiums, so that the trip for a bath was quite a holiday.”  (1)Bully Grenay crop

The office? Is Percy referring to the quarters of his officers? And is he really attributing the desire for more reinforcement of those quarters to cowardice? Someone who has just been ducking and diving to escape injury or worse may well be a little scornful of those under cover.

(1) MacArthur, D.C. The History of the Fifty-Fifth Battery, CFA. 1919. 21-22

The photograph of “Bully Grenay Corner” is printed in the battery history.

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