Cité St Pierre, September 30, 1917

Sunday     The night passed quiet Was clear & bright I did not do anything today On guard to night Fritz fairly quiet [pencil]

Battery Action 107 liceThe only attack last night was the usual one on lice.

“Fellows who have made the acquaintance of the pediculus candido tergo inform us that, by carefully running over the seams with a lighted candle every night before retiring, the number may be reduced to a petty hundred or two, and those which are driven out of their trench systems into the open may be pursued till they experience the crack o’ doom. Others tell us that concentrated creoline is very effective, but this must be applied judiciously, or, when with the shout ‘Battery Action!’ you hastily pull on the saturated garments, in a little while you may be conscious of a slight burning sensation in some quarters. Then again, Sabadilla1 has its advocates, but here too, discretion must be used or howls of agony will be wrung from your distraught breast.” (1)

1Sabadilla is derived from a tropical fruit and is still listed by homeopaths as a treatment for lice.

(1) Kay, Hugh, George Magee and F.A.MacLennan. Battery Action! The Story of the 43rd Battery CFA. [1919]. 106. The illustration by James Frise is on the following page.

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