Liévin, February 7, 1918

Thursday        Rain fell all day a heavy misty rain observation was bad. Heinie snipped [sic] the roads, but did no heavy shelling I worked in the pit all day Expected to hear from Canada but none came Wrote letters tonight am well, last night quiet.

47 Forward gun positions Lievin crop.jpgGiven the damage inflicted on the 60th Battery’s positions, described yesterday, the work of improving the gunpits, to make them proof against German five-nines, is increasingly urgent.

Percy was not the only one in the Battery to write letters: Jack McTague picked up his pen and thanked his mother for the money she had sent him, and was saving for an anticipated leave. The worst of the winter was over, he assured her: “We have had no snow for a long time, and otherwise the weather is fairly decent, and not so bad underfoot either.” (1)

The photograph from Percy’s small album is identified as “Forward gun positions, Liévin.”

(1) McTague, John (Jack) Stanislaus. Letter, February 7, 1917. Kindly shared by great nephew Timothy McTague.

Copyright 2018. See “More about this project.”



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