Mont Saint André, March 11, 1919

Tuesday          No ride today had a rest am very stiff and lame from playing yesterday Rec’d letter from [Janie] & home today weather fair Am well

Captain CB Hill has been on leave, but returns today to take command of the 55th Battery.  (1)

Hill CB Brock UBy the time he gets back to Canada, he will be a major, as befits a battery commander. Originally a banker from Ottawa, he will move to St. Catharines in the Niagara Region, running an engineering firm and becoming a leader in the community. (2) In 1970 he will be awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from Brock University, on the founding committee of which he had served.

The photograph of C. Bruce Hill (left) and Charles Sankey, then Chancellor of Brock University, comes from the University’s archives.

(1) War Diary of the 13th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery. Vol. 26: 4. March 11, 1919. Library and Archives of Canada.
(2) “Know your Neighbours — C. Bruce Hill,” entry in Museum Chat: Musings from the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre.

Copyright 2019. See “More about this project.”


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