Petit Han, December 3, 1918

Tuesday          Weather, rain early this a.m. also a little this afternoon did the usual cleaning up this a.m. no work only stables this p.m. I understand the Corps are treated well in Germany we move out tomorrow early Am well

Stark harvesting MIKAN 3028991 cropThe batteries remain in their current location, again “owing to difficulty in ration supply. Only very poor rations have been drawn lately.” (1)  The Battery Commanders have made efforts on behalf of their men, visiting Brigade Head Quarters and asking that food be requisitioned, I assume from civilian supplies, “but this was not allowed.” (1) Fortunately, better rations arrive tonight, “and morale went up 100%.”

Joseph Clearihue is still enjoying his meals at the chateau and his billet with the local curé.  Not Stark Belgian woman MIKAN 3029009 cropeveryone is as hospitable: “An old maid is kicking about the soldiers taking her wood. The welcome is beginning to die down and they are now out to profit as much as possible.” (2)

The 13th Brigade has it easy in comparison with the 14th Brigade: while Percy and his mates are relatively idle, though hungry, in Petit and Grand Han, the men of the 14th Bridage have marched with their guns some ten miles (16 km) today — after 21 miles (nearly 34 km) yesterday “through very mountainous country with deep ravines.” (3) Thankfully,  however, the roads have been very good. (3)


William Redvers Stark’s Sketchbook #10 contains Belgian scenes and portraits from July 1917 to March 1918. The sketchbook belongs to Library and Archives Canada: the harvesters are MIKAN 3028991; the Belgian woman wearing spectacles and a bonnet is MIKAN 3029009.


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