Reading Percy’s War

When a blog covers a long period it can sometimes become cumbersome. When some of its readers have followed since its launch, and others have come to it later, its organization may not suit everyone.  It may be helpful to you to realize that there are three ways to read this blog.

1. Sign up to follow, and receive an email with a link each time a post appears.
2. Catch up with posts you missed by scrolling back through recent posts or by going to the Archives for older entries.
3. Read the blogs in chronological order.

To sign up,  you need to click on the discreet icon in the top right hand corner of the screen — the three horizontal parallel lines — to reveal

  • a search box
  • access to the archives, and
  • a Follow button. Choose this.

To catch up, use the search button or the archives (choose a month), or simply click on Posts, and go down the list.

To read chronologically, choose “From the beginning” and click on the year and then the month you want. Choose the first entry listed and then use the arrows to go backward and forward in the month.

I hope that you enjoy this glimpse into the past.