Witley, July 16, 1917

Monday     Reveille this a.m. 4:30 to go on a 10 mile bivouac some outfit this we got to Midhurst about 5:30 travelled about 1 1/2 miles p.h. we had to walk almost all the way[.] I was sore that I could not get home The next time I apply for a pass I’ll fight for it tis but our right we are treated worse than conscripts instead of a volunteer army. The way I feel now is that I would to God that I had waited & made them pull me out

88 Bivouac Lord Cawdrey's estate crop.jpg

Bivouac at Cawdray Park, Midhurst

Yesterday he was blue — today he is downright disgruntled.

Canada’s conscription bill is still a month and a half away from being proclaimed law, but Percy has no doubt that it will be a reality. He seems to be kicking himself for having volunteered seventeen months ago – since he can’t imagine that conscripts would be treated any worse than he and his fellow volunteers – at least when it comes to getting leave to visit his family only 82 miles (132 km) away.

A note later in the diary says that they left camp at about 7:30 am after their 4:30 reveille. And his disgruntlement – even bitterness – is still stronger.

We had some showers on our way out but did not get very wet, we had to walk a good part of the way we only keep horses for ornaments we landed at the park about 5:30 had supper at 7 p.m. & was [sic] not allowed to go outside of the park I guess they will soon put up barbed wire entanglements to keep us in — volunteer army. I would to every thing above & below that I was out of it.  I’m sore about my pass I would liked [sic] to have seen Bert I’ll get one next time alright or take one I’m just about to go to bed sleep in the open tonight it looks great & fine

The photograph is from Percy’s small album.

Copyright 2017. See “More about this project.”



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